The Labuan in Visual Retrospective exhibition 2012

On the 11th of November 2012 the Remembrance day was held as a yearly event. This year as usual the ceremony was held at the Labuan War Cemetery besides the Memorial at Tg. Batu Road (formerly known as the Cantonment road). The Family of the war vaterans and the guest of honor arrives at 0900 am before the ceremony starts. The guard of honor, vigils guard and the volunteers has taken places before the ceremony. As part of the ceremony of the Remembrance day this year was this ‘Labuan in Visual Retrospective’ exhibition. The organizer would like to express the gratitute  to all visitors, the guest of honor and everyone directly or indirectly support the event. Thanking you all and hope to see you again next year. Lest We Forget.

The History thru medium of  photography in ‘Labuan in Visual Retrospective’ exhibition. In conjuction with the Remembrance Day ceremony on 11th of November 2012.

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